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"Sugar & spice has the kind of menu that can easily induce decision angst. the nearly 100 choices run tantalizingly through the best that thai cuisine has to offer--coconut-rich curries, char-grilled meats, lime- spritzed salads, and so on. but we found you... "
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Citysearch Editorial Profile -- By Eric Grossman

A young, diverse Cambridge crowd heads to Porter Square for exceptionally varied Thai cuisine served in futuristic environs.

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The Boston Phoenix

Sugar & Spice Everything's nice BY NINA MACLAUGHLIN 

Sugar & Spice feels like a restaurant you might find on the moon in a not-too-distant future, where spaceship trips for Thai food are not unheard-of. A futuristic feel pervades the space..Full Review 

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Once you find a good Thai restaurant, you tend to treasure it. It’s like that girlfriend you don’t cheat on – it’s not worth it. You know what you have is good, and you can’t imagine anything better. So, after years of loyal attendance, commitment and devotion to one certain Thai restaurant in town, I approached Sugar and Spice with an awkward apprehension. What can I say, she looked good, she smelled good, and besides, maybe it was time for something new. She called to me; she won me over and I haven’t looked back... Full Review