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“This Porter Square mainstay has flown under the radar a bit as newer spots spring up around Cambridge and Somerville, but it’s got a lot to explore. (Locals who know it as a delivery or takeout staple should try dining in, too — it’s a fun, comfortable spot and has a great patio, weather-permitting.) The menu offers plenty of the familiar curries and noodle dishes, but there are some dishes that are harder to find around Boston, too

Northern Thailand gets some of the spotlight with a couple khao soi options and rice noodle soup kanom jean nam ngiao, as well as Isan sausage from the northeast. Other Sugar & Spice must-tries include the guay jub, a rolled noodle soup with a savory five-spice broth and crispy pork; the new-to-the-menu khao yum, a colorful salad from southern Thailand (Sugar & Spice’s version is vegan); and the kuay teow lui suan, which wraps up chicken, herbs, and greens in wide rice noodles and comes with a spicy lime sauce for dipping.”

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For a five-spice broth that will solve all your problems: Nearby in Porter Square, Sugar & Spicehas been holding down the fort for over a decade. While the restaurant does brisk takeout and delivery business, it’s also a lovely spot for dining in, and the patio is especially nice. If something is ailing you, soothe it with the guay-jub, a soup full of wide noodles wrapped into cigar shapes, crispy pork, tofu, and a boiled egg. The five-spice soy broth is something special. Also eat: kanom jean nam ngiao, crying tiger.”

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"Sugar & spice has the kind of menu that can easily induce decision angst. the nearly 100 choices run tantalizingly through the best that thai cuisine has to offer--coconut-rich curries, char-grilled meats, lime- spritzed salads, and so on. but we found you... "
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Warm coconut sticky rice is a rich after-dinner offering at Porter Square Thai restaurant Sugar & Spice. Good thing the rice, molded into the shape of a heart, comes with a generous portion of sliced mango as a foil to all that sweet coconut goodness.” — Anne V. Nelson

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Citysearch Editorial Profile -- By Eric Grossman

A young, diverse Cambridge crowd heads to Porter Square for exceptionally varied Thai cuisine served in futuristic environs.

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Sugar & Spice Everything's nice BY NINA MACLAUGHLIN 

Sugar & Spice feels like a restaurant you might find on the moon in a not-too-distant future, where spaceship trips for Thai food are not unheard-of. A futuristic feel pervades the space..Full Review 

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Once you find a good Thai restaurant, you tend to treasure it. It’s like that girlfriend you don’t cheat on – it’s not worth it. You know what you have is good, and you can’t imagine anything better. So, after years of loyal attendance, commitment and devotion to one certain Thai restaurant in town, I approached Sugar and Spice with an awkward apprehension. What can I say, she looked good, she smelled good, and besides, maybe it was time for something new. She called to me; she won me over and I haven’t looked back... Full Review